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Carpet could be your favorite floor covering

Now, more than ever, carpet flooring is one of the best floor coverings for homeowners who are looking for versatility, beauty, and functionality. When it comes to getting what you need, this material delivers. It’s worth a few moments to find out if it will serve you well.

These floors offer extensive color and design options for an excellent match for any décor. You also have access to many different fiber types, so matching your lifestyle is no problem either. With the new benefits that are available, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Change your whole home with carpet flooring

When you visit our carpet flooring store, you’ll find out about all the many options available to you in this product line. Use striking colors or any of the fantastic patterns you’ll find to create spaces that truly speak to your unique personality. Alternatively, you can also choose a neutral color that will make a great backdrop for a unique and personal décor scheme.

Some manufacturers have added impressive stain resistance to the very fibers of their carpet to help keep your floors cleaner and better looking for life. Be sure to ask about brands that offer specific protection against pet stains and odors as well, for a floor covering that stands up to even the harshest conditions.
Luxury carpet in Plainview, MN from Elite Tile Tops & Floors LLC

We can help you with your carpet choice

These floors offer comfortable heat retention to keep your home warmer during the cold months, which can even save you money on your energy bills over time. The same insulating factor that works to make this possible, also provides noise reduction, for a calmer, more peaceful environment at the same time. It even creates a safer, stabler surface for both young and old, preventing falls and injuries from falls. Be sure to come find out more for yourself at your convenience.

As a carpet flooring retailer, Elite Tile Tops & Floors LLC works hard to make sure that you get everything you want and need in your new flooring. Our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction assure you’ll get the best service possible, no matter how large or small your flooring project.

From our Plainview and Lake City, MN showrooms, we serve the residents of Plainview, Rochester, Winona, Lake City, and Wabasha, MN. We’d love to serve you as well and invite you to visit us at your convenience. Our associates will be standing by to help you browse and to answer any questions you might have.